Take care of your hair during change of season

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Take care of your hair during change of season

The arrival of the cold seasons is a very delicate time for your hair. The temperatures begin to drop, the hours of light decrease and our hair, after the summer period, weakens and tends to fall out. However, there are remedies to help us curb this problem. Find out how you can take care of your hair in the change of season!

Protect your hair

Try to avoid using hair straighteners and, as far as possible, use the hair dryer at a low temperature. Also try not to wash your hair every day. In this way you will avoid depleting their protective shield, formed by a hydrolipidic film that defends the fiber from external aggressions. Try to let them loose as much as possible, and let them breathe. Maintain your diet by promoting foods rich in minerals and vitamins that nourish your entire body, including the scalp. These little things can do a lot of good for your hair structure.

Use a natural shampoo

We have seen that protecting your hair is very important, especially in cold seasons. However, there is an additional attention that we can adopt: the use of a nourishing and delicate shampoo like the one produced in our laboratories. Based on vegetable substances, enriched with wheat proteins, it cleanses the hair and skin in a delicate way. Dermatologically tested, it is also suitable for sensitive skin. The action of our shampoo is particularly suitable for hair care during change of season.