Taking care of your hands in the cold season

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Taking care of your hands in the cold season

In this article we will see some useful tips to take care of your hands in autumn and winter, and protect them from aggressive agents such as those contained in disinfectants. The specific products of Farmacia Piazza di Spagna for hands are produced with plant extracts and without the use of additives. Discover the advice of our experts!

Taking care of your hands: hygiene.

Hands and nails are our first business card and keeping them clean and neat is extremely important. In recent months we have subjected them to an additional stress, that of disinfectant products, very useful allies in the fight against Covid-19. However, these products undermine the ecosystem of our hands and can cause skin dryness in the long run. We absolutely must not stop using them, but we must provide our hands with special supports. Cleaning plays a fundamental role in this: as soon as you get the chance it is important to wash your hands carefully and delicately, perhaps using one of our handcrafted soaps, like these:

Farmacia Piazza di Spagna products for hands hydration.

Taking care of your hands after washing them is just as important. In winter our hands are exposed to constant changes in temperature. For this reason, in our laboratories, we have created a cream based on precious vegetable oils, with Calendula and Melaleuca. Enriched with vitamin E, it does not contain silicones. It has a very light fragrance and a delicate texture, it is easily absorbed leaving the skin silky and the nails more shiny and nourished. Melaleuca has antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties, while Calendula has a soothing action.

Taking care of your hands with delicate soaps and moisturizing creams will ensure that the cold season and disinfectant products do not harm our skin, keeping it smooth and soft for a long time.